Don't Let A Wills & Trusts Dispute Escalate

Look to a civil attorney with over 35 years of experience

Settle Your Disagreements In or Out of Court

Discuss your situation with a criminal & civil attorney in Little Rock, AR

Any legal dispute between individuals or businesses can result in civil lawsuit. This includes estate litigation, divorce and all types of family matters. Greg Bryant Attorney At Law handles all types of civil litigation and lawsuits. If you're worried about losing your property, savings or even your children in a divorce, turn to a civil attorney in Little Rock, AR.

Your civil attorney can offer legal advice based on decades of experience. Call 501-375-3344 to set up a consultation.

Civil Litigation

Resolve conflicts with individuals and businesses in the Little Rock, AR area.

Criminal Defense

Defend yourself against criminal charges at the state and federal levels.

family law

Find help with divorce, child custody, alimony and adoption proceedings.

Attorney Greg Bryant

Started practicing law in 1982.

Develop a defense strategy with a reputable criminal attorney

Being charged with a crime can feel humiliating, frightening and confusing. Your friends and family may not know how to react or help you. A criminal attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas can guide you through this difficult time when no one else can.

Greg Bryant Attorney At Law can defend you whether you've been charged with drug trafficking across state lines or a simple probation violation. Don't let one lapse in judgement throw your entire life off its course. Contact a criminal attorney today.

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