Greg Bryant |  Attorney

Greg Bryant | Attorney

I started practicing law in 1982.

Starting the first day I began practicing law, I've been asked; "What's your success rate?" Tough question? Not really. My success rate is far above most. And its all about one thing: Preparation. Preparation makes a bad lawyer good, a good lawyer great and a great lawyer greater. I been the lead attorney on cases that have been in the national news: United States v. Celani was featured on ABC's 20/20 and mentioned in the New Yorker magazine; Coleman v. Watt a lawsuit filed in federal court against a city judge who ordered the police to impound a car if the license plate was expired was featured on the Phil Donahue Show. In State of Arkansas v. Kelvin Meeks was featured on the television magazine Hardcopy.

I fight hard for my clients...never too hard, there's no such thing. For over 35 years, I have battled with law enforcement officers, only to turn around and represent them when they are in trouble. And I do it within the bounds of the law and in a professional manner. (Although I might have gone too far when I was quoted in the newspaper as saying, "There's a criminal element in the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department". And then there was the time I represented the first female sergeant with the North Little Rock Police Department. She was charged with perjury and that was later dismissed. Afterwards, when I sued the police department in federal court I was quoted as saying, "She's gonna own a fleet of police cars when this is over.").