They are gonna retry Gary Dunn! Really!

It’s now official.  The State of Arkansas is going to try and convict Gary Dunn for the murder of Nona Dirksmeyer….AGAIN…FOR THE THIRD TIME. Trial is set for August, 2011.   Arkansas State Treasurer BEWARE, the bills that are coming now are gonna be followed but a bunch more.

Dunn’s second trial ended in a mistrial just two weeks ago.  The costs of the two trials have not been released, but think about this.  Both of Dunn’s trials lasted three weeks a piece.   There was a trial back in 2007 when the state tried to send a man to prison that the proseuctors now says is innocent.

Now I have nothing against lawyers getting paid, I am all for it.  Especially when the two lawyers are Jeff Rosenzweig and Bill James…as good as legal talent that you can get.  But the point is, not only does the state pay their legal fees, the state pays for their accommodations.  Six weeks of accommodations so far.  Then, you add three employees of the Public Defender Commission…and their costs…for six weeks…so far.  And they want to pay them again?

Then there are the lawyers proseucting the case:  Jack McQuary, H.G. Foster and Kent Holt are on the state payroll already, but six weeks of food and lodging have been paid for…so far.

Then the jury.  So far, a total of 24 jurors have listened to 42 days of testimony, arguments and instructions.  And so far they have voted 16 to 8 FOR DUNN acquittal!

There is no price too high to prosecute and incarcerate the person who murdered Nona Dirksmeyer.  And there is a special place in hell for the person who did this.   But so far, too many jurors have said Gary Dunn didn’t do this.  But for the people who insist on keeping him in jail and putting his liberty in jeopardy, there is another special place in hell.